The first in a series of videos no one asked for, let the sweet, velvety tones of Rav Ratnayake tell you about what it was like to make Sweethurt, and why you should come and support his decision to disappoint his parents!

Sweethurt’s lead actress Tyra Cartledge has few regrets in life, but agreeing to be in this interview is definitely one of them.

Marqueting your film is easy with a remarqable actress like
Rhiaan Marquez. 

Don’t forget to SMASH that Mike button!

“I’ll show that damn casting agent. I’ll make my OWN movie!
With blackjack! And hookers!”
Logan Webster just before co-writing Sweethurt, probably.

Samantha Germain unboxes her feelings about working on Sweethurt!
Meet Dylan Lee, a man so wholesome that small birds help him get dressed in the morning.
Alannah takes up 50% of the poster, but will steal 100% of your heart.
They interview the goat? You goat to be kidding me!  If you honestly thought we wouldn’t interview the goat, YOU’RE the idiot.
Here’s Will Coghlan – it’s said that if you pluck a hair from his head and plant it in the ground, a tree will grow and sprout golden apples that cure male-pattern baldness.
“This movie won’t take all my money,” said Tom, shortly before the movie took all his money. 

These two prove that you can never HAVE enough RAV, and that MEHDY isn’t as tall as Rav.

Tyra Cartledge and Rhiaan Marquez have a nice sit down to talk Sweethurt and chicken nuggets for some reason. Vote now for your favourite thing and you, too, could win a thing.