About Sweethurt

What is Sweethurt

Glad you asked!

Sweethurt is an Australian young-adult romantic comedy, about love, friendship, and the paralyzing fear of dying alone.

Featuring a wonderfully talented and dangerously attractive group of young actors, Sweethurt takes its cues from classic 80’s and 90’s comedies like Say Anything, Chasing Amy and American Pie.

Want to get in touch? Send us an email at sweethurtmovie@gmail.com 


Tom graduated from Western Sydney University in 2014, with a Bachelor of Communication (Media Arts Production) using his final year to begin production on Lead Me Astray, his first feature film.  Sweethurt is his second feature and looks a lot less shit. He is a passionate frozen yogurt enthusiast and enjoys writing about himself in third person.


Logan graduated from University of Jack Shit with a Bachelor of Fuck All. He is overall less attractive and interesting than Tom.